Paying for College

We are raised in South Orange Maplewood (SOMA) to view college as the next step rather than just a consideration.

CHS students have the option of posting a star with their name and school of acceptance on a wall outside Guidance their senior year (Now a Facebook group exists for this too). Early admission acceptances are the first to go up. And every year our seniors at Columbia are expected to submit their school of attendance to be printed in the school paper. At the end of each year the CHS newspaper lists all graduating students and the school each will be attending. The paper is poured over by students and staff alike, all desperate to see where so-and-so got accepted, or who didn’t list a school at all.

Some families save for that day, others pray that their children receive financial assistance through academic and/or sports scholarships. Still others leave it up to God. Often, its a combination. Parents involve their kids in sports and academics, save and/or pray.

Which ever is the case for you, if you live in Maplewood, and if you don’t, find information below to help you and your family along on the journey of paying for college.

~Find scholarships for adult students towards the end of this page.~



Scholarship Road Map Before you start applying for a scholarship should cost you nothing. If any links compiled on this site provide information at a cost, skip over them. If a fee is requested for your scholarship application to be considered, be immediately skeptical – I personally wouldn’t proceed.


imagesScholarship Road Map

Suggestion: If applicable, start with #6 [gov. financial aid] under Scholarship Websites.

  1. Before you start – applying for a scholarship should cost you nothing. If any links compiled on this site provide information at a cost, skip over them. If a fee is requested for your scholarship application to be considered, be immediately skeptical – I personally wouldn’t proceed.
  2. The Road to Scholarshipsa website on various topics regarding applying for scholarships [independent of my blog].
  3. Planning on attending a community college and then transfer to a four year institution? Visit this site: Bridging the Transfer Gap – Helping students transfer community college courses in NJ.
  4. Scholarship Junkies Website – website on various topics regarding applying for scholarships [independent of my blog]. Selected posts highlighted below:

A little help from me. Includes information for different internships and scholarships

  1. Includes internship and job application info for students. (Microsoft)
  2. Any minority senior pursuing a chemical technology career (american chemical society)
  3. Any _______ student who wants to study ________ (walmart foundation)
  4. Any graduating Asian senior with an interest in journalism (Asian American journalist associationThe website is currently down, but they offer great scholarships. It’s worth pursuing by contacting the organization).
  5. Any student who knows they will get a health care related degree. apply your freshman year of college (Tylenol – will have to call).
  6. Any student who wants to learn the ‘classical liberal tradition (Institute for Humane Studies) —> Not sure about this one? don’t rule it out; visit their site…

imagesScholarship Websites

  1. – Provides scholarships for students from all backgrounds. Sign up by email.
  3. Scholarship Gateway
  4. Multi Cultural Advantage -A listing of scholarships
  5. Scholarship Directory– Options for funding school – loans & scholarships
  6. Federal Student Aid – Government
  7. Student Scholarship
  8. American Political Science Association Scholar Resources (Minority & General)

All Students

  1. Gates Millennium Scholarship Program

    image from
  2. CollegeBoard Scholarship Search
  3. Future Engineers Scholarship Program
  4. Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest – Interest in writing literature
  5. The Sallie May FundThe HOPE Scholarship and Lifetime Learning Credits – Government sponsored.
  6. National Academy of American Scholars
  7. Burger King Scholarship Program
  8. Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology
  9. Davis-Putter Scholarship
  10. Oracle Thinkquest International Competition
  11. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship – NJ college students.
  13. Simon Youth Foundation
  14. Jack Kent Cook Foundation (Undergraduate and Graduate students)
  15. College Jumpstart Scholarships
  16. Nordstrom (store) Scholarships
  17. Crosslites

Read this link.

Proof Foundation – $1000 scholarships for low income students in Detroit.

United Negro College Fund

Thurgood Marshall College Fund

National Society of Black Engineers

Alltel’s Words of Wisdom essay contest(For funding a HBCU education –> note: HBCU admissions do not restrict admission based on race and ethnicity.

Immigrant Students

Looking for ideas on funding your education? Instate tuition is one option that recentlyimages passed the NJ state legislature. Read a related article.

  1. Maldef Scholarship Listing ’09
  2. AFSC Scholarship Listing ’11
  3. Simon Youth Foundation

Minority Students & visit this link as well, scroll down

  1. United Negro College Fund
  2. Thurgood Marchall College Fund
  3. National Society of Black Engineers
  4. Holocaust Remembrance Project

Scholarships offered locally


  1. SOHPS Scholarship
  2. Columbia High School Scholarship Fund

If you’re game visit your local Maplewood library & also review your local phone book. (Simply compile a list of the civic organizations in your community. Go through your local community phone book and do a search online as well.) Call the organizations listed and ask if they offer scholarships. You’ll be surprised to find out that some do – though you might have to make a case for yourself. But that’s okay – you’ll never know unless you try.

Adult Students

  1. 54 Single Moms get online scholarships
  2. AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship program – Helping Women 40 +”Create New Lives and New Futures” Women’s leadership Circle Scholarship women, ages 40+ and over, able to demonstrate financial need; and enrolled in an accredited school or technical program within 6 months of the scholarship awarded, 100 scholarships each year ranging from $500 to $5,000

imagesCommunity Development Scholarships

Schools offering Community Development Scholarships:

Organizations offering Community Development Scholarships

More Programs: Project 1000. In Fall 2008 Project 1000 has re-focused its efforts on behalf of underrepresented students to work exclusively with the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) fields of graduate study only. Project 1000

© Sources: Google searches and City of Newark’s Net Watcher l Dead link? Please email info to and I’ll update it. 

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Moonah Turay says:

    Thanks for the resources you compile. I was able to help a woman over 40 apply for a Women’s Leadership Circle scholarship. We have your site linked to our Education Support page.

    Thanks again!

  2. Resident Planning Geek says:

    Then that makes this effort worth it. I appreciate you leaving a comment letting me know this.

    I hope others do the same, and list scholarships they recommend. This way people will know what works, what avenues to use, and everyone benefits.

    Thanks MT.

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