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Updated: A Younger, Smarter, Better Me

Video linked from TEDTalksDirector  This video is about Kelvin Doe, a young Sierra Leonean inventor. Watching this video one can only imagine how he will develop his community. Kelvin is younger, smarter, and better than me for these youthful dreams of his.  In a sense. Certainly, he is his own person; I see some of myself…

Read PerfectlyPlanned blog in 5 Languages

You can read this blog in 4 translations: Italian, Haitian Creole, French & Spanish+ English. Select links below.  =) Leggi questo blog in lingua italiana. Prossimo link selezionare in fondo alla pagina. (Italian) Li blog sa-a nan lang kreyòl ayisyen. Next ap mennen chwazi nan pati anba paj la.  (Haitian Creole) Lire ce blog en français. Le…

“What These Streets Mean to Me.”

“The streets that nurtured me made sure that I’d never go too far.” I grew up during my critical years walking the streets of Maplewood. At the time I graduated, Lauryn Hill, a South Orange resident and an alumnus of our HS, gave my graduating class, the class of 2000, an anthem: Lauryn Hill “Every Ghetto,…

2012-13 Jitney Schedule – Video Format

These schedules were created by Maplewood Township. PerfectlyPlanned Blog by W. S. Hughes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License