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Take this campaign and own it. Replace my name and put yours ______. Make it a service project you undertake or decide on a unique campaign you care about more.

Let’s raise awareness of the importance of community pride in maintaining community development efforts. Below is one idea on how community development efforts can and should be spearheaded by any township concerned with maintaining its community assets.

“Clean-up the Lightning Brook” Campaign

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Images taken 10/16/2008

Funding Source.
In the township of Maplewood, New Jersey, community assets such as open public spaces (parks) are well maintained. However, visible trash, example above, can be found frequently littering public spaces, as well as on private property. An event called “Clean-up the Lightning Brook” could help to make a positive change and a lasting impact on residents. This event would raise awareness of the importance of community pride in helping to maintain and sustain community development efforts. The event should be organized under an umbrella organization of sponsors & financiers from the South Orange-Maplewood community. Various community organizations are invited to sponsor the event.

(Organizer) Replace my name and put yours ______ would be a lead community organizer for the event and a liaison between the umbrella organization and the youth participating in the event.

(Organizer & Umbrella organization of sponsors & financiers) In this way, the campaign sponsors and organizers would have a common interest. The lead organizer would facilitate meetings with a committee made up of one representative from each organization. It would become a group project and sponsors would be able to take ownership of the campaign.

Groups Served.
This event would benefit the township. 1). The Springfield Avenue partnership would benefit from the activity. The event would bring youth and families to Springfield Avenue & The Lightning Brook. 2) Also, the various organizations in the Lightning Brook District could benefit from residents that are educated via this activity on the importance of maintaining property value through becoming watchdogs for waste and litter in neighborhood streets. The Lightning Brook District has the largest amount of renters. Housing related statistics in Maplewood are as follows, according to the census web-site factfinder.census.gov:

78.1% of homes in Maplewood are owner occupied (6,598 housing unites),
21.9% of homes in Maplewood are rented (1,854 housing units), and
1.9 stand vacant (163 housing units).

Targeted Groups: Residents & Youth.
This proposal is written on behalf of residents of the Maplewood community who take pride in our well maintained public spaces and well maintained streets and are frustrated by a small group in comparison who litter and deface community property. Through this event sponsors would be reaching out to students of the school district to foster community pride. Participating in the event should not be mandatory for students in the district. Students should apply to participate in this event out of personal desire; that is where one finds the most reward. It would be important to 1). Discourage attempts to give extra credit in school to those who participate. 2). Prevent students from experiencing reproach for lack of personal interest in this campaign.

Additional Benefits. Students who participate will benefit from the activity in several ways. This event will encourage team-building skills because students would divide into groups of 3, and would work together as a team to pick trash and help maintain the public spaces by becoming watchdogs for littering. Students would learn how to document fieldwork; one criterion would be that youth would be required to take before and after pictures of the area they cleaned as well as keep a log of activities. Prizes (provided through event fund raising) will be given to the 1st & 2nd place teams through the criterion, for example, of ‘group that picked up the largest amount of litter.’

This campaign is inspired by the City of Newark’s 2007/2008 “Beautiful Newark” event of which I participated.

Select flyer PDF (same as above) general_flyer_1b

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  1. Keeping our community clean is essential to both the community as well as the “global” footprint we leave.

    My daughter has a site she’s developing girzgogreen She has taken her group to the streets twice-raising just enough money to purchase garbage bags and gloves. The hours these little girls put in to our village clean up is fantastic.

    Perhaps you can shoot me an email and we can connect for the betterment of our community.

    Thank you

  2. Resident Planning Geek says:

    I will send you an email Stephanie. – W

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