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I’ve completed my final post on PerfectlyPlanned blog. You’re probably curious about my most popular content. My final blog post includes a chart on this – a pie chart on popular posts and a line graph on the top 5 links selected

The Everything Blogging Book

on this site.

Writing this blog was a great experience!  Along the way I edited the title of my blog to reflect what my community is – a Suburban rather than Urban entity.

It is close to 2 years today, April 10, 2010, that I’ve been developing this site and during that time I’ve attended numerous local events and interviewed residents like Carol Buchanan on the Hilton Neighborhood Association, Stephanie Toussaint on prom ’09, and our Mayor Vic DeLuca on our town’s 2010 Tax Re-assessment.  Through out I’ve gained a greater appreciation for what it takes to make our community a perfect place to live.

I’d like to thank Patch.com & ”The Local’ in particular for linking to my content and contributing to my readership. AND Maplewood Online! Ya’ll are a great group of anonymous citizens.

My intent when I created this site was to champion the efforts of South Orange – Maplewood’s young adults and to provide a resource for local students. I developed a comprehensive scholarship listing,which has been visited 290 213 times, that I hope helps those looking for scholarships a place to start.  C [olumbia] ++, 4 Students, for example, is hands down the most popular post. Writing about Ultimate Frisbee in our community was a chance for me to celebrate a unique sport that local young adults and their parents love.

I have included one last planning recommendation for Maplewood with our young people in mind. This planning recommendation calls for creating a space in our community for our young people to congregate peacefully, shop, and be entertained. Read my planning recommendation here: Develop 4 Students.

Over the years this blog evolved to include not only information on academics for students and Planning and Community Development content at the local level, but also content on national events and news headlines that most often had an impact on our local community.  There is  a strong focus on the 2008 presidential elections, foreclosure and eviction prevention, and the Health Care debate as it applies to young people.

I hope I introduced local HS students to the discipline of Planning.  If so I hope you’re curious to learn more.  If you are, consider taking a college course at Rutgers on Planning or reading a book from the library about this discipline. I hope you’ll become passionate about Community Development as well!

Finally, visitors have left great comments! Please feel free to continue making comments on all content.  I’ll continue to be here and you can always reach me at residentplanningeek@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by!


Your Resident Planning Geek

April 10th, 2010

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This work by W. S. Hughes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Q. & A.

Who am I? I am a student passionate about my studies. Consider me your Resident Planning Geek. I graduated with a degree in Public Policy & Urban Planning from Rutgers University. While at Edward J. Bloustein my focus was Housing Policy.

Why create this site? In keeping with the spirit of entrepreneurship I choose to focus and apply my related talents and skills in the community I grew up.  As a young adult who graduated from the local HS I believe that I can be an effective advocate for youth in my community, having earned a relevant degree and worked in relevant fields.

One of my professional goals includes meeting the challenge expressed in the quote below, that:

We must do more now than tell youth to reach for the sky, because we now have human footprints on the moon.
— Unknown

How do I find updates on a prior post? Posts stand alone under individual titles/headings. Select the old post title for its related update.

What is this site about? Community Development or Community Organizing? I am an individual practicing Community Development principles in Maplewood. This site is not for a college course. Let me clarify that my work on this site has a 100% Community Development focus.

Advocacy and Organizing fall under the discipline of Community Development. This blog is centered on youth advocacy. I am inspired to do what I do by my real world experiences. I am motivated to do Community Development work by the Community Organizers I’ve met –social justice workers who, like advocates, bring about the positive change we need in our daily lives by putting power in the hands of every day people.

22 Comments Add yours

  1. Resident Planning Geek says:

    Thanks Janice. Actually, Al, a community resident who works for the NJSPCA and I spoke about the topic around Christmas time. I was inspired by his personal recounts, many of the stories he told me were eye opening and heart-breaking. [www.njspca.org]

    I plan on adding a component on this blog about animals as family members and community residents in the upcoming months of ‘09.

  2. Chris says:

    Hey your blog is awesome I will have to use the rss feed., it was nice seeing you again on the train and jitney the other day.

  3. Resident Planning Geek says:

    Same here Anthony, and thank you. Expect a follow-up email from me regarding our conversation on the tournament.

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