Black Royalty

I’ve heard comments. But do local students realize they have black royalty walking in their halls?

They’ve got Bob Marley’s grand children attending classes with them. Born to a mother who is, arguably, the most influential rapper of the 20th century. She rivals Eminem and Nas. And I won’t even put ‘woman’ in front of rapper.

Ask Talib Kweli. Read online reflections.

Treat these children well. It would have been the highest honor for many of us, from 1994 to 2000, to walk the halls with them.  It was my class that inducted Lauryn Hill to the CHS Hall of Fame.

We weren’t that blessed.

Zion was born around the time we graduated.

The last few years have been hard on their mother.

It’s easy to question and judge one another. Kids can be cruel and insensitive.

I’ve never met them and I couldn’t recognize them, but take it from me, you’re blessed to be around them.

They represent talent, culture, and the love, respect, joy, and happiness their family has brought  the world over. This will resonate in college. 

Note: Great song. Explicit lyrics. If you play this it was your decision. 

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