In Memory of Rehtaeh Parsons

Rehtaeh Parsons isn’t from Maplewood, she’s from Canada. This post is for her. And all girls. As a woman, her story touches me profoundly. Rehtaeh Parsons

When I think of Rehteah’s story, I think that it would be awesome if society treated women better, protected our young girls, and prosecuted anyone to the fullest extent of the law who would ruin their reputation, or cause them pain and anguish.

We all know of one girl in high school, personally or through someone else, who has rumors spread about her that simply aren’t true. It happened to Rehtaeh, and she didn’t survive it. Let’s not have it happen to any other young girl.

Stand up to bullies. Speak up for the bullied. And protect reputations.

Read her story in the Huffington Post. l Visit her mom’s Facebook pageRehtaeh’s mom shares that this is her favorite song. It has a poignant message. 

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