Redevelopment on Springfield Avenue

Springfield Avenue Redevelopment 

The best way to visually show the changes on Springfield Avenue is through pictures. I’ll post pictures of how the new Walgreens and 7-Eleven on Springfield Avenue enhance their locations.

In 2008/2009 I had a chance to report on our town’s redevelopment plans. And, in three short years our local government, planning and zoning boards brought to life their goal of bringing new business to our town. Together, they worked to increase economic development and enhance Springfield Avenue by requiring new business developments to match the design standards set forth by local government – red bricks, wide sidewalks for pedestrians, signs on buildings to maintain attractive visual standards along the avenue, and green spaces to maintain a suburban appearance of the avenue.

It’s all a geek could ever imagine, and more.

New life to those abandoned businesses is something worth reflecting on. After all, a redevelopment plan for Springfield Avenue is what we needed during the 2008 recession, and still need today.

During this recession we’ve watched businesses close their doors, like in my post ‘PerfectlyPlanned News: A Business Closing‘.

I should qualify this, my being geeked out. I have one reservation, and that’s the use of eminent domain to implement our redevelopment projects.

Utilizing the power of eminent domain to secure abandoned or under utilized property to carry out local redevelopment unsettles me a little. It’s a last resort. And who ever likes the idea of a last resort? In this case, we really needed to bring businesses to these unused buildings.

Separate Redevelopment Efforts, Maplewood Village

Unrelated to Springfield Avenue, I don’t agree with the decision to turn the local firehouse into real estate property. I just think it’s better we limit new housing as we have housing currently on the private real estate market like every other town.

My thoughts are that this building would be the perfect space for our Seniors. This location puts them in the mix of Maplewood Village and provides them access to NJ Transit railway. Seniors will bring their dollars to local businesses, and won’t tax existing municipal services.

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