PerfectlyPlanned Interview: Health Magazine Photo Shoot, Alissa of Size 10 Chronicles

Alissa Gardenhire-Crooks is a resident of Maplewood, and the author of the blog Size 10 Chronicles.  She is featured, with three other women, in an article in the September 2009 issue of Health Magazine.  Today was her photo shoot for the magazine. The photo shoot location: Jack’s Studio, 601 West 26th Street, 12th Floor. Pictures below. 

Alissa holds a Ph.D. in Planning and is a girl inventor: Visit her Inventrix’s Blog.  She has just launched her product IMP–what you do with your earbuds…when they’re not in your ears.  You can see the site evolve before the launch at 

W. S. Hughes: What is your blog Size 10 Chronicles about?

Alissa Gardenhire Crooks: After college I gained a lot of weight.  I gained and lost the same 50 lbs three times as an adult.  Size 10 Chronicles was the final solution for me to lose weight.  I blog about this journey.

W. S. Hughes: How did the opportunity to be featured in Health Magazine come about?

Alissa Gardenhire Crooks: I got a little publicity after I met my size 10 goal.  Tina Kelley from the New York Times contacted me and wrote an article about me for “The Local.” At that time Laurie Tarkan called me.  She wanted to feature me in this article.  She interviewed me about my weight loss journey. I was asked during the interview about when I was fat before, about my current weight loss journey, and about my family history.  I told her about my next goal, which is competing as an amateur bodybuilder.

W. S. Hughes: What is the article you are featured in about?

Alissa Gardenhire Crooks: The article is about cardio vascular risk in women.

W. S. Hughes: Were you required to prepare for the article in any way?

Alissa Gardenhire Crooks: I had to take several health evaluation quizzes.  Doctors will be evaluating my cardio-vascular risk.  One test I was required to take revealed that my cardio-vascular risk was less than 1% for the next ten years.

W. S. Hughes: Did you prepare for the photo shoot?

Alissa Gardenhire Crooks: I had ten days before the pictures were going to be taken.  Former fat girl anxiety rose up in me.  I called my trainer to ask him how I should prepare for the photo shoot.  He said “Drop the starches, increase the water, and the protein and veggies, and eat more often.  Nuts are out.”

I did it for three days, but I did it wrong.  I didn’t take in enough calories, and I ended up shutting down my metabolism.  I said forget it.  I guess I am not a crash dieter. I’m just going to eat how I normally do.  I did two things I wasn’t suppose to do.  I ate carbs, I ate nuts.  But I did I drink more water.  I kept my protein up and I ate my meals more frequently.

W. S. Hughes: What was this experience like for you?

Alissa Gardenhire Crooks: It has just been exciting. To be featured in the article, and now this photo shoot. Everyone was really nice.  The people working were super professional and are good at what they do.  Hair. Make-up. Wardrobe styling. Professional photography. Catering.  I enjoyed traveling to Jack Studios in Chelsea, NYC. It was fun.

W. S. Hughes: Would you be open to more opportunities like this?

Alissa Gardenhire Crooks: It would great if this article gives my website more exposure and helps more people in their weight loss journey.


Health Magazine – September ’09 Issue,

Pictures from Alissa’s Photo Shoot

Team:Producer: Inna @ Inna Khavinson Production Photographer: Frank Heckers: Website:, Hair: Sophie Kasper Make-Up: Brian Duprey Clothing Stylist: Mindi Smith, Pro Stylist: Sara Jane Cave, Catering: Via Monterone.

Three additional women are featured in this article.  There names are Debbie Ann Schneider, Loraine Morgan, & Jennifer Griola.

I accompanied Alissa to the photo shoot and took behind the scenes pictures.  Find them below.  Want more? Visit Alissa’s website Size 10 Chronicles for the additional pictures I took of the photo shoot.

© 2010 W. S. Hughes

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Alissa says:

    Thanks Winstina! It was so fun to have you with me on this shoot! Very glam and (hopefully not!) a once in a lifetime experience! I need to get copies of your pictures to add to my flickr stream. Coolness!

  2. Resident Planning Geek says:

    Hi Alissa,
    Agreed. I’d love to do this again. I’ll get you those pictures.
    It was very cool taking the behind the scene shots. Inna Khavinson and her team were friendly and
    very professional, and that really made the shoot fun.

  3. Debbie Ann says:

    Great meeting and learning about all of you. How exciting it is to hang out with such inspiring people. It was a fantasy day and I enjoyed being a part of it with all of my heart gals! It was amazing to spend the day as a “star”. Love and Happiness Debbie Ann
    Thanks to the Glam team! You guys are amazing

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