PerfectlyPlanned News: Realizing the Promise

I have a specific message to pass on to our youth. You are the best things we’ve got going for us.  Sometimes we’re working so hard to realize the promise that we forget to tell you…

Today, December 4, 2008, in Washington D.C., a national non profit named the Center for Community Change, and the Community Organizers that taught Barack Obama what he knows, the Gamaliel Foundation, hosted a conference titled “Realizing the Promise, A Forum on Community, Faith, & Democracy.”

They had a really great group of speakers, shared some really inspiring words, and had members of President Elect Obama’s team in attendance.  Everyday people drove in on buses from around the country to be at a round table discussion in D.C.

Pastors, Congressmen and women, and government officials held two round table discussions on issues on the agenda for our President-Elect.  It was said today that, for this forum, community organizers didn’t have to protest to get a chance to sit & talk about an action plan with our government’s administration.  Instead,  as a Gamaliel community organizer, and now our President Elect, Barack Obama brought American labors and unions, immigrants, the unemployed & those desperate for health care to the table.  It was amazing.  Check it out:

So, to our youth, while you were in class today (or doing your best to avoid it), in D.C. a group came together from all around the country that was thinking mainly about the world you will inherit.   Aunts, uncles, neighbors, community members, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, pastors, congressmen and women, government officials and students, Americans and immigrants, in communities all across America met in one room, convened, knowing full well that everything we do is for you.  Regardless of profession or nationality, race, culture, and health, parents, families, communities struggle and sacrifice things and organize to provide access to and opportunities for ourselves and ultimately for our youth.


What was the event “What is Realizing the Promise all about?” Navigate their site easily:


Above:  Event pictures from “Realizing the Promise, A Forum on Community, Faith, & Democracy.”

© 2010 W. S. Hughes

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